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USA Brass Knuckles

American made
Top grade
Brass knuckles / Knuckle-dusters


Welcome to USA Brass Knuckles.

Sets of antique knuckles -- or, as they also are termed, knuckle-dusters -- are rare and sets of vintage knuckles are scarce. Highly collectible, they command expensive prices, making them unaffordable to and beyond the range of those of more modest means. Older knuckles often have problems associated with them. Many are brittle, are damaged, have been repaired, are made crudely, have blemishes or other significant surface defects, are oxidized or have air pockets in them, resulting from poor casting techniques or from an inferior grade of the metal itself.

USA Brass Knuckles offers a classic, traditional pattern in two sizes, standard and large, and in two metals, brass and aluminum -- or, as it also is called, aluminium. We use only the highest quality metals and the most advanced foundry production methods. Because we manufacture what we sell -- there are no middle men between our customers and us, and we are not middle men between our customers and someone else -- we provide a superior product at an inexpensive price.

Our collectible brass knuckle/knuckle-duster paperweights are for sale only to those who lawfully may purchase them and who will use them only in a lawful manner. By ordering from us, you affirm and agree you meet these criteria.

Enjoy our Web site and our products.

USA Brass Knuckles
C.I.B., 1324 West Palo Verde Drive, Chandler, AZ 85224-2359
Telephone: 480.220.9864

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