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USA Brass Knuckles

  Standard Brass Knuckles  
  Large Brass Knuckles  
  Standard Aluminum Knuckles  
  Large Aluminum Knuckles  
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(Click for enlarged view of following image.)
Upper left, large brass knuckles;
Upper right, standard brass knuckles;
Lower left, standard aluminum knuckles;
Lower right, large aluminum knuckles

We obtain the brass. We obtain the aluminum. We make the molds. We operate the foundry. From raw materials to finished products, every phase of manufacture is under our direct control. Our brass knuckles and aluminum knuckles are smooth and seamless. They have no casting marks. Their finish is uniform and flawless -- what has been described as a "silky" touch, having the feel of fine satin.

Our knuckles, or knuckle-dusters, are top grade and American made. Of the several traditional brass knuckles designs, we chose the most classic pattern and we make the best version of it available. It is solid and substantial. To ensure comfort, we produce a standard size and a large size. To accommodate personal preference and versatility, while remaining true to tradition, we offer it in brass and in aluminum. Because we are a wholly self-contained company, with no third party involved in either the manufacturing or the marketing, our costs are lower. We can afford to pass our savings on to you, our customer, and we do just that.

We offer superb quality at prices well within your budget. That is a far better bargain than can be found in any "imported" set of knuckles. We are proud of our products and equally are certain you will be proud to own them.

USA Brass Knuckles
C.I.B., 1324 West Palo Verde Drive, Chandler, AZ 85224-2359
Telephone: 480.220.9864


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